Bill Gates yana daga cikin mutanen da ake zargi a wannan lokaci da maganar rage yawan mutanen Duniya ta kowace hanya, amma mene ne gaskiyar wannan zargi, shi ya aka yi allurorin rigakafi da ya kamata a ce suna da tsada suka fi komai arha?

Shin irin wannan rigakafin bata yi kama da wadda aka yiwa mutanen baya ba irin na cin zanzana da makamantansu? Shin da Jahilai da suke kin yi da malamai da suke hawa mumbari suke hanawa waye yafi yiwa Addinin Musulunci illa?


  1. Whatever your agenda is Dr. Gumi, it is also little knowledge that allow you to think or accept a forced Vaccination without proper research or knowledge. It is also little knowledge that allow people to believe whatever the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) tell them to do. You have no idea that the head of World Health organization today is the MAN named TEDROSE, the man who’s been caught up three times for covering up cholera, and now he is the head of (WHO) telling you what you should do about your health.
    Dr. Gumi, you also have no idea why INDIA reject Bill Gates Vaccines, right?
    He cannot even solve computer viruses, but here he is trying to save humanity with his so called Vaccines. I believe this called illusions of knowledge for you to believe 100% about the Vaccine.

    • What you said is almost contrary to what we believe. Pls if the vaccine is available don’t take it. No one will force you, but remember Allah will ask you about everything you’ve done in your life. Bill Gates as you said can’t solve even computer virus talk less of human virus that one too is what makes me think twice about your what you wrote. Bill Gates is a philanthropist; everybody has his good side and bad side. We take the good side. If Indian reject the vaccine so what? What about the other countries, if Nigerians reject its nobody will force them, they are the one that will supper, and when they travel abroad, they must take it.
      So, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi is a medical doctor ABU Zaria, he is not an ordinary person, he has all eyes on these, and has P.hD is Islamic Jurisprudence and two Degree in Arabic and he is also retired army officer, and I’ve been with his for almost 14 years I know how god fearing he is I prefer his decision concerning vaccine than anybody in this world.

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